The foreign Ministry explained its vote for the UN security Council resolution on Israel

As noted in the message of the Russian foreign Ministry, UN security Council resolution adopted on the eve “for the first time in 8 years,” “based on proven formulations, reflecting the total and once confirmed the international community’s position on the illegality of Israeli settlement activities”.

That is why, said the Ministry, Moscow voted for the resolution. In this regard, said the foreign Ministry, “Russia’s position remains consistent.”

The UN security Council resolution was adopted by 14 votes in favor, including Russia, on the eve, December 23. It prohibits “the settlement activity of Israel in the occupied Palestinian lands.” Initially it was assumed that the draft resolution will fail because the US will veto it, but the American representative refused this step.

The representative of the Israeli Cabinet, Yuval of Steinitz called Washington’s decision “a betrayal”. “This is not a resolution against settlements. This is the resolution against Israel, against Jews, against the state of the Jews. USA today simply betrayed his only ally in the middle East,” he said.

President-elect Donald trump responded to the incident message on Twitter. “As for the UN, and then everything will ZENITSA after the 20th of January,” he wrote, referring to the date of his inauguration.

Following this, Israel has released the official message of the government, which refused to comply with the resolution. “Israel rejects the resolution antiisrael”, — stated in the document and stressed that the Obama administration “not only defended Israel but also agreed with the UN behind him”.

“Israel intends to work further with the administration of the elected President of the USA of Donald trump and all of our friends in Congress to avoid the negative consequences of this absurd resolution”, — the document says.