The head of Lockheed Martin Trump promised to reduce the price of the F-35

General Director of the aircraft company Lockheed Martin Corporation Marilyn Hewson personally promised the elected President of the United States Donald Trump to reduce the cost of F-35. This was reported on the company’s page in Twitter.

“I had a very good conversation with President-elect Donald trump, and I assured him that I clearly heard his message, to reduce the cost of the F-35. I gave him a personal commitment to reduce drastically the price”, — the statement says Hewson.

She noted that the President-elect wants the United States possessed the greatest military capability at the least cost to the taxpayers. “And we are ready to provide it”, — said the head of Lockheed Martin.

12 Dec trump wrote on Twitter that the price on the F-35 “out of control”, and after his inauguration as President (January 20, 2017) “billions of dollars can be saved” for military and other procurement USA.

After criticism from Republican stock most of the Lockheed Martin Corporation fell by 4.2%, the stock is a key partner of the company — Northrop Grumman Corp — fell by 4.5%, securities of another partner — BAE Systems — lost 2.4 percent.

Curator of the program, Lockheed Martin’s F-35 Jeff Babilon said that the company has invested a large sum of money to reduce the price of the fighters by 70%. He also said that the Corporation plans to make another $85 million for these purposes in the period from 2019 to 2020.

Stealth fighter-bomber of the fifth generation F-35 is the most expensive military aircraft in history. The cost of one fighter is $135 million, the cost of the entire line is estimated at $400 billion In may, the Pentagon signed with Lockheed Martin a contract for $1.3 billion for the supply of 13 fighter jets the F-35. Six fighters F-35B will be delivered to the marine corps, three F-35A for the air force and four F-35 °C for the Navy. Under the terms of the contract, fighters are to be delivered by December 2019.