The NAC announced liquidation of the leader “Shamil” gangs in Dagestan

In the course of special operations in the South-West of Dagestan were eliminated two militants, one of whom is a leader of the so-called gang of Shamil. This is stated in the message of information centre of National antiterrorist Committee (NAK) received .

The report States that about 04:00 on Saturday in the framework of the existing counter-terrorism operation spetsnaz of FSB have detected two militants in the village of teletl ‘ Shamil district of Dagestan. The men were armed. They opened fire on special forces soldiers and tried to escape, but was killed in retaliatory fire.

The identity of the dead pre-installed. According to the NAC, one of them was the ringleader Shamil “” gangs Ibrahim Amirov. According to security bodies, on account of the gang’s numerous terrorist crimes, including murder in 2013 and 2015 of the heads of municipal education of the village Teletl’, law enforcement officers, the Imam of the Central mosque, the artistic Director of the house of culture. As pointed out in the NAC, members of the gang were also made to undermine the base station of cellular communication. In addition, criminals extorted large sums of money from local businessmen to Finance the bandit underground.

The report notes that the site of the clashes was discovered two rifles, a pistol, a grenade and a sniper rifle and ammunition.

Victims among the civilian population and losses among the employees of the security forces there, said the Agency.