Trump spoke about the “right thoughts” in a congratulatory letter from Putin

The team elected President of the USA Donald trump spoke about the letter he received from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. It was sent to him on December 15, reports Reuters.

In the letter were words of hope for the normalization of relations between the two countries.

“I hope that by working in a constructive and pragmatic way, we can take real steps to restore the bilateral cooperation in various fields and bring our relations on the international stage to a qualitatively new level”, — quotes Agency the letter of the Russian leader.

Trump in his statement, described the message as very pleasant and said that it contains “right idea”. In the opinion of the elected President of the United States, “both sides can live in accordance with these thoughts,” and “don’t have to go the other way”.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Putin sent Trump a letter in which he expressed the hope that the relations between Russia and the United States. “Putin has really sent Trump a congratulatory message on the occasion of Christmas and New year, in which the Russian President also expressed hope for the establishment of bilateral relations,” he said.

Previous letter from Putin, which was sent at the end of voting in the election of the US President, trump has described as “wonderful”. Peskov said that the letter was congratulations on his election victory. “It was a congratulatory message, in which President Putin congratulated trump’s election, with a victory in the elections”, — said Peskov.

14 November 2016, was held the first telephone conversation between Putin and trump. The Kremlin said that both men “agreed on the assessment of the current extremely poor state of Russian-American relations”.

Vladimir Putin and Donald trump were in favour of joining forces in the fight against international terrorism, calling him enemy number one. In this vein, the President of Russia and the US President-elect discussed the issues of settlement in Syria, said the press service of the Kremlin.

Russia and the United States, said the press service of the Kremlin, should facilitate the return of relations between the two countries in a pragmatic and mutually beneficial direction.