Experts said the possibility of North Korea’s missile to reach the US by 2020

North Korea by 2020 is likely to develop a ballistic missile that can reach the continental United States. To such conclusion experts from the Institute of national security strategy at the National intelligence Agency of South Korea, reports Yonhap.

“The seriousness of the North Korean nuclear program is the rapid increase in the number of warheads, reducing their size and diversification,” says the report, which quotes Agency.

According to experts, North Korea has made progress during the fourth and fifth nuclear test. Experts from South Korea also believe that Pyongyang is a program that allows ballistic missiles re-enter the atmosphere. They point out that during one of the tests of the DPRK ballistic missile flew about 1.4 thousand km the authors of the report also stressed that the development of Intercontinental missiles, submarine-based can last for several years, but now it’s a matter of time, not technology.

“Given the capabilities of submarines of North Korea, the military base located not only the United States and South Korea, but in Japan, will be in danger”, — concluded South Korean experts.