The Deputy head of the Ministry called provocation rumors about the imminent jump in gasoline prices

Statements about a sharp rise in price of gasoline in January of 2017 — only a “provocation” and an attempt to “pull the market”, told reporters Deputy energy Minister Kirill Molodtsov. According to him, in the beginning of the year gasoline prices traditionally increase, this is a common situation that does not require conversion of the internal fuel market in the mode of “manual control”.

“Need manual mode do not see. All the talk about the possible dynamics of growth rates is a provocation, an attempt to pull market, not a trend. No need to shout about the fact that in January there will be a sharp increase in gasoline prices — we always have in January, the growth, because the period is shorter, and the layout of the year is still inflation,” — said Lebedev.

13 December 2016 in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” the head of LUKOIL Vagit Alekperov warned about the upcoming increase in retail prices for gasoline and diesel fuel in connection with the increase of fuel excise duties.

“From January 1, will increase excise duties on diesel fuel and gasoline around 2 RUB 2 RUB, of course, We won’t one day leave this up to our customers. We are still a socially responsible industry, but a gradual increase in the range of 8 to 12% during the year, will be”, — said Alekperov.

December 23, the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) has declared the head of the LUKOIL official warning, calling it “a public statement about the growth of prices of automotive fuel” invalid action, can lead to violation of the Antimonopoly legislation.

Fellows on Monday explained that in 2016, the increase in retail gasoline prices was lower than inflation (according to Rosstat, from 1 January to 19 December gasoline rose 3.7% with an inflation rate of 5.3%), despite the fact that producers increased their prices by 12-13%.

“Now the demand is objectively lower than they were 2-3 years ago. Many factors affect this: from the technological to the fact that people do use public transport,” explained Fellows.

The Deputy Minister emphasized that he does not expect serious problems due to the onset of fixation at the Moscow refinery. According to him, “Gazprom Neft”, which owns the plant, it is recommended to buy for its gas stations in the Moscow region fuel from YANOS Yaroslavl refinery and “Nizhegorodnefteorgsintez”.

According to Molodtsov, gasoline stocks in Russia over the past two weeks increased by 100 thousand tons, total output of gasoline in 2017, will be approximately 39.8 million tons, diesel fuel — more than 70 million tons.

“Will increase the processing depth, which this year increased by 4.5-5%. At the current production volume of gasoline 38-39,8 million tons of inner market demand close”, – assured young Men.