A large part of the families of those killed at Tu-154 will receive 3 million rubles.

Insurance company SOGAZ, which is a partner of the Ministry of defense of Russia began accepting applications for compensation from the relatives of the dead passengers of the Tu-154 that crashed near the Adler on December 25. In the unified contact centre of the insurer clarified that the decision on the payment may be made no earlier than 15 days. Military families will be able to get 7.8 million RUB from civilians — a maximum of 3 million rubles.

Additional comments from representatives of the insurer refused.

On Board the crashed aircraft, according to DoD, there were 92 people, including 64 artist included in the structure of the military Department of Academic song and dance ensemble of the Russian army Alexandrov. Military rank had 16 dead.

The day of the accident SOGAZ reported that the amount of compensation to the family of each soldier will be a total of more than 5.8 million rubles.

Several sources close to the leadership of the ensemble, said that most artists (including among those who were on Board the Tu-154) worked on civil contracts. “War ensemble not so much in the guide including,” — said the soloist Vadim Ananiev. The exact ratio of military and civilians in the team he called difficult.

The website of the ensemble on Monday, December 26, didn’t work. At the request of the Ministry of defense did not answer.

The company SOGAZ insured the defense Ministry for causing harm to life, health and (or) property of third parties in the operation of aircraft. Payments on insurance of civil responsibility of the Ministry will be made in accordance with applicable law, the message of the insurer. The company does not indicate the size of insurance payment that can be paid to the relatives of the dead passengers and crew members.

According to the Russian Union of insurers (VSS), according to the Air code, to the families of all aboard the plane put the payment on 2 million rubles.

In addition, the social insurance Fund of the Russian Federation is obliged to pay compensation in the amount of 1 million rubles to all the families of the victims were in a plane crash at execution of labour duties. The Fund said that such payments will be able to get the relatives of the nine journalists “First”, NTV and Zvezda TV channel, and also Executive Director of the International public organization “Fair help” Elizabeth Glinka. Thus, the families of the passengers of civilians can expect compensation in the amount of about 3 million rubles.

In a press-service channels and of the Fund “Fair use” has not commented on whether there were journalists and Elizabeth Glinka policies of voluntary insurance of life and health.

Compensation for families of the military, flying the Tu-154, provided in the amount of RUB 7.8 million. Of these, 2,337 million roubles — the sum insured, 3,506 million — a lump sum that is paid on the basis of the contract on obligatory state life insurance and health of military personnel, signed by the Russian defense Ministry in 2015. Another 2 million rubles to the families and relatives of the military personnel will be able to obtain under the contract of insurance of responsibility of the Ministry of defence to third parties.

The experts found it difficult to calculate the total amount payable by the company SOGAZ under this insured event. The representative of the WBU reported that in each case the question is solved individually, as in the family of the deceased may not have heirs or dependents. Also, there are cases when family members of the victims do not seek compensation, said the source.

The aircraft agreement was not insured. As stated in the press release of VSS, it is common practice of the defense Ministry.

Owned by the Department of the Tu-154 crashed on the morning of 25 December after a few minutes after takeoff from Adler airport. The liner was heading for the Russian air base in Syria Hamim. The plane disappeared from radar screens in the second minute of flight, the defence Ministry reported. Later it became known that the ship fell into the Black sea near Sochi.