Chemezov said the lack of damage to the “Curtain” from “things.”

At a briefing for journalists the General Director of state Corporation “rostec” Sergey Chemezov, answering the question about the possible impact of the scandal surrounding the beating of journalist Oleg Kashin on contracts holding “Barrier” (formerly STC “Leninist”, included in “rostec”), said: “No, [the scandal is] not affected [] contracts”.

On the question of whether the claims taken from the government to the Manager of the holding “Barrier” Gorbunov, Chemezov said that the criminal case is still closed. “[Oleg] Kashin still trying to find evidence against him [Saakashvili], and therefore probably still the case not completed,” he said, smiling.

On specifying question , whether Chemezov considers the accusations baseless Gorbunov, the General Director of “Rostec” replied rhetorically: “You know everything about yourself, you can say that you were not involved [in the crime]. And about the other person 100%, of course, I don’t know. But as far as I know it to work and when he worked in the Ministry of defence, I do not believe that he is somewhere in what was involved”. Chemezov added that he had met with Gorbunov and discussed the case. “He is accused that he had a warehouse in the woods did with the weapons and found it. It’s nonsense,” said he.

Journalist “Kommersant” Oleg Kashin was severely beaten in November 2010 outside a residential building on Pyatnitskaya street in Moscow. In September 2015 the journalist said the disclosure of the criminal case. Artists he called security guards and Mechanical plant in St. Petersburg, included in the holding company “Leninets” Anatoly Turchak. And as the customer of a crime, the journalist called his son, the Pskov Governor Andrei Turchak.

The defendants in the case gave evidence which showed that the attack on the journalist ordered them familiar Turchak — General Director of “Barrier” Alexander Gorbunov, in order to avenge an insulting comment to the Governor Turchak in the “Live journal”. The same testimony was given Gorbunova former subordinate, former Deputy Director for administrative matters of a “curtain” Alexander Meshkov, who is accused of kidnapping his former boss in the spring of 2014.

Turchak called a provocation allegations of involvement in the attack on Kashin. In an interview in November 2015 Gorbunov said that the accusations against him — the result of a conspiracy of competitors.

Gorbunov himself complained to law enforcement agencies for his abduction: he said that the kidnappers forced him on camera to say about his involvement in the beating of Kashin. Investigators found the organizers of abduction — Meshkov and his colleague Andrey Zemtsov. Those, in turn, pointed to a cache of weapons, which, according to them, belonged to Gorbunov. In June 2015 Gorbunov was arrested on weapons charges, but in early September was released from St. Petersburg jail on his own recognizance.

Chemezov then stood up for Gorbunov. He was sent to the Investigation Committee positive characteristic of the head “Barrier,” noting that “there is an urgent need for personal involvement” of the detainee in performing state contracts under the state defense order.

“Barrier” was previously called OAO “NTC “Zavod leninec and included in the same group. 60% “Barrier” belong to the structure of the state Corporation “rostec”, 40% — OOO “Management company “Leninist”. According to the official information site of “Barrier”, the company develops and manufactures avionics for military aircraft, radio-electronic systems for the Navy and marine air conditioning equipment.