The media learned about the discovery of the “black box” that crashed near Sochi on Tu-154

During the search operation at the crash site of Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry in the Black sea discovered one of the flight recorders, told TASS a source in the emergency services.

“In the course of search operations under the cabin of the aircraft found one “black box”. Soon it will be removed from the water,” — said the Agency interlocutor. The other two flight recorders, which were in the rear of the aircraft, still to be found, said the Agency’s representatives of power structures.

The source of “RIA Novosti” in law enforcement agencies said that the crash site found the bodies of 12 dead and almost 160 parts.

Before search teams discovered on the seabed the tail of the plane with fragments of the engine, and also raised and transported to the shore part of the fuselage with Windows — a fragment of the side trim size 3.5 x 4.5 m.

Owned by the Ministry of defence of the Tu-154 crashed on the morning of 25 December after a few minutes after takeoff from Adler airport, where he landed to refuel. The plane was flying from Moscow to Latakia (Syria). On Board were 92 people — soldiers, journalists, artists of the ensemble. Alexandrova, as well as the head of the Fund “Fair aid” Elizabeth Glinka. All were in the Tu-154 were killed.

According to the source TASS in the power structures, the destruction of the tail of the liner can attest to the fact that the commander wanted to land the plane in the water. “According to preliminary data, the damage suggests that the commander wanted to land the plane in the water,” he said.

The newspaper “Kommersant” with reference to close to the investigation sources told about the testimony of an eyewitness of the crash — guard border troops of the FSB. According to him, the Tu-154 had not gained altitude, and began to decline rapidly to the sea surface, as if they were going to make it fit. However, a landing position of the aircraft in space was strange — he allegedly went on a small speed with unnaturally cocked upwards nose. His position is a witness likened to a motorcycle, put a driver on the rear wheel. Then, according to witnesses, the plane touched the surface of the sea by the tail, which came off upon impact, fell into the waves and quickly sank.