The media learned about the help of Kissinger’s Trump in relations with Russia

Former U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger can become a mediator between Russia and the United States and to develop a program to normalize relations with Moscow to the President-elect of Donald trump, writes German tabloid Bild.

According to the newspaper, the former head of the state Department considers the reconciliation with Moscow, “the right step amid growing military power of China.” The balance in relations between the US and Russia will contribute, according to policy, the strengthening of the international stability.

“According to Western European intelligence services, which are based on information received from team trump any future American President will be in accordance with the “recommendations of the Kissinger” to strive for the lifting of sanctions against Russia”, — the newspaper writes.

In addition, the newspaper notes, Kissinger recommends that to recognize a Russian sphere of influence in former Soviet republics. The main idea to resolve the situation in Ukraine, according to Bild, is that “Russia guarantees security in Eastern Ukraine”, and Western countries, in turn, “without prejudice to the Crimean issue”. The publication explains that we are not talking about recognition of the Peninsula as Russian territory, but this question will cease to be a problem in the relations between the two countries.

To change the status of relations between Moscow and Washington, the newspaper, and was elected to the phrase “constructive cooperation” and “normalization of relations”.