The striking miners were promised to pay 150 million rubles for three months

Monday was a meeting of striking miners with officials, said the head of the initiative group of Valery Dyakonov. 20 Dec 157 miners from Gukovo (Rostov oblast) gathered for a rally near the Humpback bridge, in front of the White house in Moscow, but the police prevented the departure to the capital. The employees of GC “OOO “Kingcol” dissatisfied with the long delays of wages — the debt is 350 million rubles.

At a meeting with miners came to the Deputy presidential envoy in the southern Federal district Anatoly Safronov, Deputy Governor of the Rostov region Alexander Grebenshchikov (supervises industry and energy), the Minister of industry of the Rostov region Mikhail Tikhonov, the mayor Gukovo Victor Gorenko, as well as deputies of the state Duma Maxim Shablikin of “United Russia” Valery Rashkin and Nikolai Kolomeitsev from the Communist party.

“At least, there is already positive movement. 50 million now, by the same amount in January and February”, — said the Deputy Rashkin. However, according to him, while it remains unclear the mechanism for issuing the rest of the debt. President Vladimir Putin prepared a letter in mid-January, will be awarded by the head of the Communist party Gennady Zyuganov, the Deputy told.

“We are convinced that we will be happy if 350 million will be paid 50 million per month. But we have already passed — on the eve of the Duma elections, the Governor promised to distribute the debt, and in the summer, were given 160 RUB per person”, — told about the meeting, the head of the initiative group.

He insists that the money in the first place to get those 1,100 protesters, who demand at rallies debt payments in the summer. “If the rest did not go — so they do not need. The decision to give 50 million is not satisfied, give at once, and go home,” said deacon. On Monday, the miners filed a notice to the city administration about the continuation of the picket until may 9th.

Employees of UK Diamond, a member of the SC “Kingcol” in the Rostov region, has paid a debt under the salary for June 2015, said “-Rostov” in the Department of information policy of the regional government. Payments in the amount of 2.9 million rubles to 200 employees.

Rashkin believes that the lump sum of 350 million impossible and the best option is a precise timetable for issuance under the control of the miners. “Even the money managed to get, as the miners persisted and organization, otherwise no one would have ever decided,” — said the Deputy.

The matter went to the Federal level and delivered to the control of the presidential administration, said the head of the Center for economic and political reforms Nikolai Mironov, who helped the miners rally in Moscow. “The main center of gravity of the debts will fall on the regions, but the administration has the intention to monitor the situation, to not see the bureaucratization of the process,” — said Mironov.

According to Dyakonov, if money is not, then the miners will gather again in Moscow. “But under the hammer and the stick people will not lead, as in zero, when we brought athletes,” added miner.

16 December, the issue of debts was discussed at the meeting of the state Duma. Deputy Shablikin proposed a number of changes to the legislation that would address the same issues. 19 December, the Vice-Governor Grebenshikov said that the miners will pay 50 million rubles to the end of 2016. On 21 December the Governor of Rostov region Vasiliy Golubev stated that a fully debt to the miners of the company “Kingcol” will be repaid before the end of the summer. Now the companies included in group of companies “Kingcol” are in various stages of bankruptcy.