The SVR explained the absence of the Ambassador of Charles of protection in the time of the murder

Statement SVR

The foreign intelligence service organizes armed protection of the Russian diplomatic workers “only in diplomatic or consular offices and only in consultation with the local authorities,” reads the response of the SVR in the query . In the document signed by the head of the press office of the secret service, Sergei Ivanov noted that the issues of security of diplomatic missions is regulated, including the Vienna Convention of 1961, according to which “the responsibility for ensuring the safety of foreign diplomatic missions entrusted to the host party”.

“For the organization of armed protection of the external boundaries of the Russian diplomatic missions are involved in the relevant units of local or special law enforcement bodies, — said Ivanov. Depending on the specific conditions in a number of countries on the basis of the Russian representative office forces of these structures are installed constant guard, are patrolling the surrounding areas”.

In the RAF, recalled that on 6 July 2016, the foreign Ministry warned Russian citizens that in Turkey there is a high threat of terrorist acts. “Our citizens it was recommended to completely eliminate a visit to the South-Eastern regions of Turkey to normalize the situation there. To high-risk areas also included Istanbul and Ankara”, — stated in the message security services.

The representative of the foreign intelligence Service also has noticed that now in Turkey the Russian interdepartmental investigative group, which, together with Turkish colleagues finds out all the circumstances of the death of Ambassador Charles.

Charles was killed in Ankara during a speech at the exhibition in the modern art Center on December 19. A former police officer mevlüt Altıntaş shot him in the back, and then began to shout calls “not to forget Syria” and “not to forget Aleppo”. In a special operation, the criminal was killed.

On December 21, Vladimir Putin said that there is a General rule that the armed guards of the Embassy works only on the territory of the diplomatic mission.

The work of the security services

Security of Russian diplomatic missions Ministry of foreign Affairs, but, as follows from the regulations of the Department, Ministry of foreign Affairs is doing this in conjunction with the security forces. These are the Federal security service and foreign intelligence Service, in particular, the “K” of the SVR. In the decrees and laws that describe the structure and powers of the FSB, stated that the Agency “ensures the participation of servicemen of the frontier bodies” in the protection of embassies and consulates.

As explains a source close to the leadership of the FSB, in countries with high terrorist threat, the SVR uses fighters of the special detachment “Barrier”. According to him, the special forces of SVR at various times were, for example, in Iraq and Afghanistan. As noted by the TV channel “Star” referring to a SVR, “the “Barrier” is to ensure the protection of the first persons of the Embassy of Russia in other countries, carriers of classified information, security intelligence work”. “In case of danger the duties of soldiers “Barrier” is responsible for conducting the “operation Breakthrough” — emergency evacuation of the Embassy staff”, — said the interlocutor of the channel.

Information about that group “Barrier” usually goes to the missions in those countries where there is a real terrorist threat, said the Professor of the faculty of national security Ranhigs Alexander Mikhailenko. According to him, the degree of danger is determined by specific criteria: the number of attacks, number of victims in them fellow citizens. “In recent years, Turkey has certainly become an object of interest of the SVR in terms of enhancing system security. The problem is that the training of fighters of “the Barrier” is a long and laborious process, including learning a foreign language and culture, the careful development of strategy and tactics of security,” said Mikhailenko.

According to “Rosbalt”, in Turkey “Barrier” was not, otherwise, attempt on Charles would have been avoided. “Absolutely no people behind the diplomat during a speech would not be. Next to him was supposed to be two people in plain clothes with guns, to monitor the behavior of people in the audience and realize the cover of a diplomat in case of an emergency. In the hall also housed our soldiers in mufti” — said the interlocutor of the edition in the secret service. According to him, official Ankara for more than ten years did not coordinate the placement of fighters in the country.

Areas of responsibility

Before you go to a social event, the Ambassador always hears information security services about what the situation in the city and are there any risks, if necessary, the event may be canceled or postponed, said Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Vasiliy Likhachev, head of the Russian representation to the European Union.

The source at a foreign Embassy in Moscow said that the outer perimeter is guarded by Russian policemen and interior — a private security firm with the support of security officers from the country of affiliation of the Embassy. Latest take on mainly strategic security planning.

A source in the Russian Embassy abroad confirmed that safety is ensured by local police in conjunction with the Embassy security office. In addition, with the local police or on the orders from Moscow are solved situational problems security: for example, the behaviour during the Christmas and other holidays. “However, the murder, Charles committed even a loner, but the people inside the system that can not cooperate on security issues, and the event can carry”, — said the diplomat.

The foreign Ministry did not respond to a request about how the system was established the security of the Russian Embassy in Turkey. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov also declined to comment on reporters ‘ questions about security measures at the Embassy and the “Barrier” in Turkey.