The U.S. Congress has called the leaders of the world market arms trade

In 2015, the United States sold arms worth $40 billion, while maintaining its leading position in this market, writes The New Yourk Times, citing the study of Congress.

According to the study, this amount is approximately equal to half of the cost of all contacts concluded for the supply of arms in 2015. Second place went to France, which sold weapons to $15 billion.

Thus in 2015, the global arms market has decreased from 2014 to $9 billion: the total amount of transactions amounted to $80 billion. the Decline was largely due to the reduction of arms procurement from developing countries: if in 2014 they bought weapons by $79 billion, a year later, their spending on buying weapons abroad fell to $65 billion.

Russia, the newspaper notes, sold in 2015 weapons for $11.1 billion, while in the previous year, sales totaled $11.2 billion.

Given the NYT data does not correspond to the indicators reported by Russian officials. In March 2016, President Vladimir Putin said that the export of military goods from Russia in 2015 at $14.5 billion and exceeded expectations.

“The export of Russian military products in 2015 was even more than we had planned, and amounted to $14.5 billion”, — Putin said at a meeting of the Commission on military-technical cooperation with foreign States.

According to the President, Russia has retained second place in the list of world leaders in the supply of arms and military equipment in the global markets.

In February 2016 in the report of the Stockholm international Institute for peace studies (SIPRI) trends in world arms exports, said that Russia occupies the second place among the largest arms suppliers in the world, as it accounts for 25% of total world arms exports. The share of Russia in the world market, noted the researchers, over the past five years increased by 3%.

First place went to the USA, however according to SIPRI, they accounted for 33% of total world arms exports.