Trump called the UN “club for a good time”

The United Nations (UN) great potential, but now it is “the club for a good time”, expressed his opinion in his Twitter the US President-elect Donald trump.

“The UN has great potential, but now it is just a club to gather, to talk and have a good time. How sad!” — he wrote.

The security Council of the 23 Dec 14 votes “for” adopted a resolution which forbids Israel to build new settlements in the Palestinian territories. It was assumed that the United States will impose a veto on the project, but their representative refused from such a step. Trump responded. “As for the UN, everything will change after the 20th of January,” he wrote, referring to the date of the inauguration.

Two days later, the elected President of the United States stated that the adoption of security Council resolution on Israel will complicate the peace talks in the region. “Great defeat for Israel the UN will complicate the peace talks. Very bad, but we’ll deal with it”, — he said.