Insurers will spend 350 million rubles for the reminder about the clinical examination

Health insurance companies will spend on informing the population about the need to undergo medical examination in 2017, approximately 350 million rubles, said in the Interregional Union of medical insurers. Notification will occur via SMS, e-mail and regular post. Recipients — about 25 million insured citizens. Each insured, on average, will have to send at least 3 SMS or other messages count in the Union.

A new obligation of insurers prescribed in the draft order of the Ministry of health. The document stated that the insurance representative shall at least once in a quarter to warn the population about the need for screening.

The cost of health insurance institutions in 350 million roubles will not take into account the production and distribution of information booklets, memos, publications in mass media, specified in the Interregional Union. The costs for these purposes will increase that amount approximately two to three times.

Proven every citizen will cost about 6-10 thousand rubles, said General Director of “AlfaStrakhovanie-OMS” Andrey Ryzhakov. If the primary health survey completed all planned 25 million people, the mandatory medical insurance Fund will spend 150 billion rubles to 250 billion rubles.

“Clinical examination should ease the budgetary burden on the treatment of neglected and serious diseases,” — said General Director of insurance company ROSNO-MS Nina Galanicheva. Timely check will promote early detection of diseases and allow the state to save money on costly surgery and drug therapy.

Insurers notice that mass awareness virtually no impact on the loading of the medical institutions. The company will cooperate with the clinics, which are concentrated the main thread of the insured, explained Ryzhakov. “The system is built as follows: the clinic serves the insured, who must pass medical examinations, and report how many patients they can take in a given period of time. We use this information,” he said.

In 2014 and 2015, the primary health tests were respectively 22.4 and 22.5 million insured adults citizens. Data about survey of the adult population for the year 2016 will be collected in January 2017, said earlier the Minister of health Veronika Skvortsova. “As we go through the plan, in accordance with the volumes which we laid. According to our data, about 23 million adults to undergo a medical examination in this year and about 95% of the child population,” she said.