Media has announced sanctions against Russia for “interference” in the elections

The administration of Barack Obama is close to announcing new sanctions against Russia to punish it for interfering in the US presidential election. It is reported by the Washington Post, citing senior sources. We are talking about economic sanctions and measures on a diplomatic level, the newspaper said.

According to interlocutors of publication, the Obama administration completes the details of such sanctions. Some of them may include secret operations and, including, perhaps, surgery in cyberspace, the sources noted the newspaper.

To announce the public measures already this week, the newspaper writes.

For the introduction of some sanctions, the White house is going to revise the decree from 2015, which gives the President the authority to answer for cyber-attacks from abroad, but does not apply to cases in which the attacks were undertaken in order to affect the electoral system.

Part of the sanctions package is the culmination of weeks of debate in the White house about how to revise the decree 2015, which was to give the President the authority to respond to cyber attacks from abroad, but it does not cover efforts to influence the electoral system.

In mid-December, Obama promised to take action against Russia, which Washington accuses of meddling in American elections. “I think there is no doubt that when the government of any country tries to influence the objectivity of our elections, we must take action,” said Obama, noting that “some of this will be to tell and to publicize, and what not.”

The Russian authorities have repeatedly denied all accusations of Washington, calling them unsubstantiated.