Obama called a “historic gesture” the visit of Prime Minister of Japan at pearl Harbor

President Barack Obama said that the visit of Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe in pearl Harbor is a “historic gesture” demonstrating the power of reconciliation, the Associated Press reports. Such a statement Obama made during a joint visit with the Japanese leader on the Hawaiian island.

Obama noted that the presence of Abe is a reminder of what can happen between countries and peoples. According to him, it shows that wars end, and enemies can become allies.

According to the American President, “the fruits of peace will always outweigh the spoils of war”. Obama added that the currently relations between the US and Japan are the cornerstones of peace for all. Never Japan-us relations were not as strong, he added.

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will use a symbolic joint visit to pearl Harbor to emphasize the strength of the U.S.-Japan Alliance on Tuesday, weeks before a Republican Donald trump takes over in the White house.

According to Reuters, Obama met with Abe in Hawaii, to discuss relations between the two former enemies during the Second world war. Japan attacked pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941. Abe is the first Japanese Prime Minister visiting pearl Harbor. With reference to istoriki, the Agency notes that an apology for the attack from Abe will not.

Earlier, the two leaders laid wreaths at the memorial in pearl Harbor and honored the victims with a minute of silence.

In may of this year, Obama visited Hiroshima for the first time after the bombing of 1945. Then the American leader laid flowers at the Memorial peace Park in Hiroshima, which was laid out near the site of the explosion of the atomic bomb. Obama made a mournful speech, but has not brought an apology.