RUSADA has denied recognition of his leadership of the system of doping in Russia

In a statement, the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) said that the words of the acting Director General Anna Antselevich about the presence in Russia of the coating system of doping abuse were distorted and taken out of context.

“In response to the publication in the newspaper The New York Times RUSADA says that the words of the acting Director General of Antselovich were distorted and taken out of context”, — TASS quoted the Agency’s statement.

“In the course of the conversation Antselovich with journalist Rebecca Ruiz, acting Director General remark was made that the report, published on 9 December 2016, Richard McLaren refused to words “state system of doping” and used the phrase “institutional conspiracy”, excluding, therefore, the possible involvement of the highest leadership of the country. Unfortunately, Rebecca Ruiz, was taken out of context these words, gave the impression that the leadership of the journalist acknowledges the existence of institutional schemes doping in Russia”, — said the journalist.

Wednesday, December 28, the newspaper the New York Times published an article which stated that Antselovich acknowledged the existence of the doping system in the country.

“It was an institutional conspiracy,” the newspaper cited her words. Antselovich allegedly said that the representatives of the leadership of the country involved was not.

Commenting on the publication of the NYT, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov on December 28 said that the information in the article in the Kremlin “tend to perceive as the source”. “We need to verify the authenticity of these words. As far as the actual words that she [Antselovich] attributed that meant, in what context,” said Peskov told reporters.