The divers brought to the surface the second black box of the crashed Tu-154

During the search operation at the crash site of Tu-154 of the Ministry of defense, the divers found and lifted to the surface of the second flight recorder, reports “Interfax” with reference to the statement of the Ministry of defense.

“Less than half an hour ago, discovered and recovered from the bottom of the second flight recorder of the Tu-154”, — stated in Department.

In the Ministry assured that the search operation continues around the clock. “In the area of search is currently involved 45 ships, 15 deep-sea submersibles, diver 192, 12 aircraft, 5 helicopters and unmanned aircraft,” — said the defense Ministry.

On Board the Tu-154 there were three recorder, the first of them was raised to the surface on the morning of Tuesday, December 27, the same day he was taken to Moscow. In the Central scientific research Institute of the air force began its study.

“Primary analysis of data from the flight recorder allows you to narrow the list of probable causes of the crash”, — noted then in the Ministry of defense.