Turkey and Russia agreed on a truce plan in Syria

Ankara and Moscow have agreed terms for the extension of the truce to the whole territory of Syria, according to Turkish Anadolu Agency, citing informed sources.

According to the Agency, the plan will be transferred to all sides of the conflict in Syria to the parties, they will be asked to stop fighting with zero hours on 29 December 2016. The action plan will cover all areas of the country where there are fights, but it will not apply to a terrorist organization.

In case of success of the armistice agreement, representatives of the government and the opposition Syria will start discussing a political solution to the conflict. The talks should be held with the support of Russia and Turkey is planned to be held in the capital of Kazakhstan Astana.

On December 20 in Moscow hosted a meeting of foreign Ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran. The “Troika” agreed measures “to revive the political process to end the Syrian conflict.” To stop it needs, as follows from the text, based on respect for the territorial integrity of Syria and understand that a military solution to the conflict there. The Ministers also agreed to ensure the completion of the process of evacuation from Aleppo.

Iran, Russia and Turkey said it was ready to contribute to the comprehensive agreement between the Syrian government and the opposition on the settlement of the conflict and to guarantee its execution. The parties are willing to continue the fight against terrorists and consider it necessary to dissociate the terrorist group, banned in Russia, ISIL and “Jabhat Fatah al-sham” from the armed opposition.