CNN has called the date of introduction of sanctions of the USA against Russia for the “hacker attack”

The administration of U.S. President Barack Obama intends to impose sanctions against Russia for “interference in the elections” on Thursday, December 29. It is reported by CNN, citing U.S. officials, aware of the government’s plans.

According to sources, the channel, the new sanctions involve the extension of existing restrictions and the introduction of measures at the diplomatic level that the administration considers proportional response “to the Russian operation to hacker attacks”. The sides of the channel also reported that U.S. authorities are planning to introduce some “secret” measures.

“It is expected that the new sanctions will be named certain people associated with the Russian disinformation campaign,” reports CNN.

Earlier, us Senator Lindsey Graham, speaking on 28 December in Riga, said that “Congress will investigate the involvement of Russia in intervention in the elections, and the new sanctions, approved by both parties, will hurt Russia and especially [President] Vladimir Putin.” (quoted by Reuters).

The TV station said that the US response is not associated with the intelligence report, Barack Obama, who will be available in January. It is expected that the report will include “declassified us intelligence about cyber attacks China in 2008 and 2012, as well as hacking [data] and misinformation by Russian security services during the presidential campaign in 2016.”

New measures can be introduced two months later after discussing this with the US authorities. The white house has not done this before, not to look like a defender of the interests of Hillary Clinton, who lost the presidential election.

The Washington Post has announced the introduction of new U.S. sanctions against Russia the day before. The newspaper noted that the Obama administration completes the details of new restrictive measures. It was assumed that the sanctions can include covert operations may operations in cyberspace.

The U.S. has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling in the election. During his annual press conference, Barack Obama stated that he personally urged Putin to “stop interfering” in American elections after hacking the servers of the Democratic party. After that, he said, “there was no further evidence of Russian interference” in the elections. The U.S. President stressed that Russia did not intervene directly in voting on 8 November, however, during the election campaign, pressure was exerted. Moscow denies any involvement in the interference in elections of the President of the United States.