Putin asked the Central Bank to consider cutting back the rights of creditors to repay debt

Prior to granting to the borrower a consumer loan, banks will have to check whether the volume of outstanding loans. The rights of creditors to recover debts from those who are already much indebted, the Russian President Vladimir Putin proposes to limit.

The head of state instructed the government and the Central Bank in the period up to March 1, 2017 to submit their proposals about imputation in the banks ‘duty of conducting audits of borrowers, and also about the restriction of creditors’ right to claim overdue debt.

The rights of the lender it is suggested that in cases where the loan was issued to them, despite the fact that by the time the Treaty was concluded “the ratio of monthly income of the borrower and of the size of his monthly total debt obligations exceeded the limit value set by the Bank of Russia”.

On the website of the Kremlin emphasized that the order was given by the President on the outcome of the November 2016 forum of the Russian popular front (onf). During the forum the Executive Director of the onf project “For the rights of borrowers” Eugene Lazarev, Putin pointed to the danger of “irresponsible lending”, proposing to “punish” banks for new lending, and without zakreditovannym debtors.

“There is a practice that a citizen be given the tenth, twentieth, loan, and earnings of 21 thousand, he receives a credit of 27 thousand. do you Believe that, if the Bank which issued the twentieth credit, too, were responsible for what he does?” — Lazarus appealed to the President proposing to cut the “appetite” of the Bank, issued to such debtor the last loan.

“I might,” responded Putin.

In mid-December 2016, experts, the onf announced the continued growth of overdue debts of the Russians. According to their calculations, the average debt of households is now estimated at 189,7 thousand RUB including overdue — 16.2 thousand. Thus, in average in Russia the share of overdue debt is about 8.5%, but in some regions their level is much higher. So, in the Kemerovo region, the proportion of “delay” reaches 12,2%, in Buryatia — 12,9%, in Karachay-Cherkessia — 14,3%, and in Ingushetia — from 29.3 per cent.

“Creditors should be a powerful limiter on refinancing bogged down in debt of citizens. In fact a new loan to cover the previous one — that’s a cynical way of juggling with figures with the purpose to drive a man into debt, the maximum increase amount and make recovery profitable,” — said the head of the project “For the rights of borrowers” Victor Klimov.

The representative of the popular front noted that the overdue debt in 2016 continues to grow, as people can not cope with previously assumed obligations. In this situation, the refusal from the implementation of the principles and mechanisms responsible lending is, according to Klimov, “incredible levity”.