The Kremlin has called new U.S. sanctions “aggressive policy”

The new US sanctions are a manifestation of the “unpredictable and you could even say aggressive foreign policy.” So the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on the extension of US sanctions, reports .

In the Kremlin are sorry that this decision was made in the United States and “President Obama personally.” The imposition of sanctions, the Kremlin called the “unjustified and illegal from the point of view of international law”, and the accusations are “groundless”.

Such decisions taken by the current administration, which “left to work for three weeks,” has two objectives, according to the Kremlin — to spoil relations and to “strike at foreign policy agenda of the elected President of the United States”. According to Peskov, the sanctions will have “no alternative” to operate “principle of reciprocity”.

Incumbent President Barack Obama signed the decree about introduction of sanctions against Russia on Thursday, 29 Dec. They were introduced in connection with hacker attacks and as a response to “Russia’s intervention in the elections” in the United States. The sanctions hit, including six individuals and five Russian ministries. Among them — the FSB, the GRU.

Also the US state Department declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats. According to authorities, they were engaged in actions that “are not consistent with their diplomatic status”. This decision was taken as a response for obstructing the work of U.S. diplomats in Russia, the curtailment of American cultural and language programs, as well as due to the failure to strengthen the security of the US Consulate General in St. Petersburg.