The Pentagon said the killing of senior ISIS commander

In the result of air strikes of the coalition led by the USA in Syria was killed by one of the senior commanders of the “Islamic state” (declared a terrorist organization and prohibited in Russia). It is reported by The Associated Press, citing officials at the Pentagon.

According to him, it is about the elimination of Abu Jandal al-Kuwaiti near the tabka dam on the Euphrates river, which is 40 km from Raqqa — the proclaimed Islamic state capital in Syria. AP writes that he was “one of the key leaders of the group in raqqa”. Other details were not given.

According to the London-based center for monitoring the observance of human rights in Syria, al-Kuwaiti was the target of a US-led coalition.

The commander of the international coalition Steven Townsend December 27, said that the military will take two years to liberate Raqqa and Iraqi Mosul, as well as to eliminate the remaining terrorists. In late October, the Pentagon chief Ashton Carter said on the preparation of the operation to capture Raqqa that the terrorists are 2014. He admitted that the operation to liberate the Syrian city that can go along with the attack on Mosul in Iraq.

In August, the terrorists announced the death of the press Secretary of the “Islamic state,” Mohammed al-Adnani. Later the defence Ministry reported that it was destroyed in an attack by Russian su-34.