Trump announced two rules for his administration

The US President-elect Donald trump called two rules that will follow its administration. “My administration will follow two rules: buy American and hire Americans,” he wrote on his page in Instagram.

Previously, the tramp, answering a question of journalists about the plans to impose new sanctions against Russia, said that the US “need to get a life”. Following this, Moscow has admitted the possibility of cancellation “was introduced in agony” in the United States sanctions against Russia after the inauguration of the elected President.

26 Dec ally trump, former speaker of the U.S. Congress newt Gingrich said that the trump after the inauguration to cancel about 70% of the decrees signed by the current President Barack Obama. “I think that in the first days after his appointment, he canceled 60 or 70% of the decrees, which he will inherit from Obama,” said Gingrich. He also added that trump will be able to terminate even those decrees, which, due to objective circumstances are not subject to review.

Donald trump has won the US presidential election on 8 November. During the voting of the electoral College, which was held on December 19, for it gave the voices more than 270 people. The official entry of the trump office on 20 January 2017.