Trump urged the US to “get a life” instead of sanctions against Russia

USA “we need to get a life,” said the elected President, Donald trump, answering a question of journalists about the plans to impose new sanctions against Russia “for hackers”.

“We need to get a life. I think computers are very much complicated our lives. Itself computer age has led us to a place where no one knows what’s going on,” said the US President-elect (quoted by Reuters).

Earlier, CNN announced the introduction of the USA against Russia, the new restrictive measures on Thursday, December 29. Sanctions may be a response to the American authorities “for interference in the election” of the President of the United States.

Donald trump said that he doesn’t know about the comments of Senator Lindsey Graham, who yesterday said that the new measures “painful hit to Russia, and especially by [President] Vladimir Putin.”

“We have the speed, there are a lot of other things, but I’m not sure that we have the security we need. I haven’t talked to senators [on sanctions], but will do so in the near future”, — said the President-elect of the United States.

CNN previously has disclosed the essence of the sanctions that Washington may impose against Moscow. They may relate to the imposition of measures at the diplomatic level that the administration considers proportional response “to the Russian operation to hacker attacks”.

Later, Reuters, citing two us officials said that the US plans to impose economic sanctions, to provide details of the charges against Russian oligarchs and officials and to impose restrictions for diplomats. At the same time, sources said that the new measures should not lead to “escalation of cyber warriors that can get out of control.”

“An example of such a step may be interference in the Russian Internet system”, — quotes Agency the words of one of the sources.

The Washington Post, by contrast, wrote that the Obama administration may impose sanctions that may affect covert operations in cyberspace.

The U.S. has repeatedly accused Russia of meddling in the election. US President Barack Obama during his annual press conference said that directly in the process of voting on 8 November, Russia did not intervene, but Moscow had an impact on the election campaign.

The Russian authorities have repeatedly denied any charges of interference in elections. In an interview with Bloomberg, Vladimir Putin said that hackers often mask “its activities with the activities of any other kind of hackers from other areas, from other countries.”