“United Russia” thinking about the suspension of ideological platforms

“United Russia” after Congress in late January, has no plans to collect three of their ideological platform — Patriotic, conservative and liberal. The party is not going to abolish them specifically, but they have lost relevance for her, told “Kommersant” sources in the party.

This information “confirmed” the publication responsible for the ideology of the Deputy Secretary of the General Council of the party Yevgeny Revenko. He noted that the ideology of the party is embedded in the program “United Russia” adopted before the parliamentary elections in September this year.

“At the moment, I believe there are more relevant ways of working with citizens. For people in the regions, separation positions of “United Russia” on some ideological platform is not clear at all,” said Revenko

On the question of the possible abolition of the ideological platforms of the General Council Secretary Sergei Neverov said: “Yes, we think about it.” Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy espouses the same point of view. According to him, “United Russia” should use that “does not divide people but unites them.” Thick sure around Russian President Vladimir Putin “has formed a stable majority, the value of which has already been described in detail, and liberal voters very few”, writes “Kommersant”.

The newspaper reminds that the ideological platform of “United Russia” appeared in 2005-2007. Then in the party were people with different political views. “Kommersant” writes that before the state Duma elections in 2007 election program was the center for social conservative policy, which was created by members of the “United Russia” to develop the party’s ideology.

After 2005, there were four club at the party: State-Patriotic, social-conservative club “Civil initiative,” liberal-conservative “November 4th” and the Liberal club. The current three ideological platforms have emerged on the basis of party clubs following the Congress, 2012. “By this time, the choice of the party’s ideology has already been made, and the ideological intra-party debate practically stopped,” concludes Kommersant.