Adviser to trump saw in the decree, Obama’s attempt to drive her boss to the corner

The former head of the electoral headquarters of the trump Kellyann Conway that the President-elect appointed his adviser, stated this in an interview with CNN.

“I will tell you that even those who sympathized with President Obama in most matters, it is said that one of the reasons he did so was the desire to limit the freedom of action of the elected President of the trump. Very badly, if the policy here was the primary motivating factor. <…> It has nothing to do with the peaceful transfer of power in a democracy, ” said Conway.

“Everything we hear during elections, it is “Russia, Russia, Russia”, she added, has described the flow of “charges and insinuations” as fever. According to Conway, even if Russia is involved in the hacking of the Democratic party, the reason for the defeat of Clinton’s lies in her own failed strategy.

“I don’t think Vladimir Putin has prevented her from competing in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan,” she concluded.