Exchange rate of the Euro grew by almost 2 RUB.

On the Moscow exchange has accelerated the growth of the dollar and the Euro. The value of the European currency for the first time in two weeks exceeded 65 rubles. At the maximum rate of Euro reached 65,1 RUB RUB 1,895 above the closing level of the previous trading session.

Simultaneously, the dollar / ruble exchange rate rose to 61.6 per RUB 1.2 RUB exceeds the rate of closure of trading on December 29.

The accelerated growth rate of the Euro against the ruble against the background of the strengthening Euro against the dollar on the world market. The Euro-dollar exchange rate during the foreign currency trading today has reached $1,0653 that is maximum of two weeks.

“With low trading volumes today in the early Asian session, the pair EUR/USD jumped 160 points to the 1.0650 mark. Trying to explain such dynamics of the market, apparently useless. It is assumed that the reason for this sudden growth of the Euro against the dollar were the actions of trading robots, deployed on the Euro in the absence of sell orders in a thin market and low liquidity,” said analyst of LiteForex Artem Shashkov.

12:55 MSK Euro on the Moscow stock exchange reached RUB 64,9525, the dollar — 61,4375 RUB.