Merkel in a new year address called upon the Germans to support the EU

In an address to the people of Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel said that, in the opinion of many that 2016 was the year when “the world turned upside down”, and the issue was things that used to be considered a achievement. As an example, she cited the European Union and parliamentary democracy, “which, “as claimed, does not serve the interests of citizens, and serves the interests of certain politicians”, reports Reuters.

Merkel indicated that although the EU and is considered to be too complex and slow design, its members should act in the common interest. “We Germans should not assume that a better future will come when we will move alone,” said the Chancellor. As suggested by the Reuters news Agency, thus she hinted at the growing popularity of the party “Alternative for Germany”, calling for the country’s withdrawal from the EU and closing the borders to those seeking asylum in Germany.

Also Merkel promised next year to take measures that will strengthen security, especially after the terrorist attack in Berlin, when the offender Juggernaut killed 12 people at the Christmas Bazaar. However, the Chancellor did not specify what will be done in order to avoid such a situation.

In 2017, Germany will hold parliamentary elections. Surveys show that the greatest chances for first place while the Christian Democrats, which is the current Chancellor.