The explosion in Central Baghdad killed more than 20 people

The explosion of two bombs at market in Central Baghdad killed at least 21 people and injured more than 40, reports Reuters, citing police and medics.

According to police, the explosions occurred around auto parts stores, when the market was a large morning crowd of people. One of the explosions staged by a suicide bomber, and the other due to the explosive device, told Reuters the Iraqi interior Ministry.

No one has yet claimed responsibility for the incident, but, according to the Agency, “Islamic state” (LIH, an organization banned in Russia) “regularly conducts attacks on people in Iraqi capital”.

It clarifies Associated Press, the number of injured in the explosion 44 people.

According to Kurdistan 24, after the first explosion people began to rescue the injured, and there was a second explosion. Arrived at the scene, the ambulances, which took the wounded to the nearest hospitals.

Security forces in Baghdad reported that two explosions staged suicide bombers.