The UN security Council endorsed the Russia and Turkey resolution on Syria

At the latest in 2016 a meeting of the UN Security Council was adopted was developed by Russia and Turkey, the resolution relating to agreements about the ceasefire in Syria and start negotiations, reports Reuters.

A day earlier, Russia’s permanent representative to the UN Vitaly Churkin said that Russia gave the security Council a draft resolution in support of agreements on a ceasefire in Syria and start negotiations between Damascus and the opposition.

“We have prepared a brief draft resolution to the Security Council to endorse those documents,” he said, noting that the document was circulated “last night”. “Today at the meeting I’m going to more formally introduce her to the members of the Council [UN Security],” said Churkin.

According to TASS, Churkin said after the vote in the UN security Council urged “not to let in the mist” and not to question the agreement on Syria.

Thursday, December 29, President Vladimir Putin said that the agreement on a ceasefire between the government and the opposition in Syria was signed. We are talking about a cease-fire, the complex of measures to monitor the ceasefire and the Declaration of readiness for the start of peace talks on settlement of the situation in the country.

“The event occurred which we have not just waited a long time, but for the approaching which a lot of work”, — Putin said, however, he acknowledged that the agreements are fragile, require special attention and support for the purpose of preservation and development. “But nevertheless, this is a significant result of our joint work and efforts of the Ministry of defense, Ministry of foreign Affairs and our partners in the regions”, — said the President.

According to Putin, the signing of the agreements was the result of the work of Russia with Turkey and Iran.

The Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu announced that the ceasefire in Syria will be effective from midnight on 30 December. Organizations which do not stop fighting, go to the category of terrorist — against them “begin to act as well as against ISIS and “Dzhabhat EN-Nusra” (the activities of these organizations banned in Russia),” said Shoigu.

The next day, Reuters reported that the ceasefire was broken almost immediately after the start. According to the Agency, the truce was broken during clashes between rebels and government troops between the provinces of Idlib and Hama, and some areas of Syria, the ongoing fighting and air strikes.

Dec 31, Syrian rebels said they will consider the cease fire null and void if it will continue to break the government troops and their allies. “A continuation of violations by the regime, and the bombing and attempts to attack the areas controlled by the revolutionary factions, will make the agreement invalid,” the Agency quoted a statement signed by “certain rebel groups”.