In a new year greeting trump promised to return US to the greatness

The US President-elect Donald trump congratulated the Americans happy New year and promised after taking office to begin work on the return of the greatness of the country. About this he wrote on his Twitter page.

“Happy New year and blessings to you all. Looking forward to a wonderful and full prosperity in 2017, when we are together will begin to make America great again,” trump wrote.

“Let’s make America great again” (Make America great again) — a slogan that trump is widely used during his presidential campaign.

Earlier, the Republican also congratulated New year to his detractors. “Happy New year to all, including my many enemies, but also those who fought against me and lost so that now just doesn’t know what to do. Love!”, – wrote trump.

The U.S. presidential election was held November 8, 2016. Chief rival trump was the candidate of the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. She beat a Republican by the number of votes cast, but lost in the number of electoral votes. Victory 70-year-old billionaire became for many unexpected as most sociological services on the eve of voting predicted the victory of the former head of the U.S. Department of state.