Lukashenko has called his country a hostage to the economic situation

Belarus has become a hostage to the economic situation that has developed from traditional economic partners of the country, said in his new year address to the nation by President Alexander Lukashenko. The text of the appeal published on the official website of the President of Belarus.

“A sovereign and independent Belarus is in the midst of global geopolitical and economic events. We live in an open country and first of all, therefore, have become hostage to the economic situation that has developed in our traditional economic partners,” — said Lukashenko.

The President reminded that in different countries break out of armed conflict, committed acts of terrorism, aggravated interethnic and interreligious war.

Lukashenko noted that Belarus to preserve an island of stability and tranquility was not easy.

“But we did it, ensuring the peace and security of the citizens! Our neighbors, friends and fraternal peoples should know that Belarus will never be aggression and threats. At the same time, we, people in uniform, we know: the powder should be kept dry”, — the President emphasized.