US senators have announced their intention to extend anti-Russian sanctions in 2017

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who visited on the eve of Kiev, said in an interview with “Radio Liberty” that in 2017, U.S. lawmakers are going to adopt new sanctions against Russia.

“Next year we are going to introduce new sanctions in addition to those that already exist, which would affect the energy and banking sectors of Russia, and which would affect not only the FSB or the GRU, but in the [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, his inner circle,” said Graham.

In his opinion, “the only way to get Russia to change it’s economy to Putin and Putin himself has paid the price for Russia’s actions a great price.” “So we can expect in early 2017, the Congress, with the support of both parties, will attempt to pass new sanctions that will affect critical components of the Russian economy”, — said the Republican.

He also expressed hope that US President-elect Donald trump, who takes office January 20, will sign the relevant law.
Republican Senator John McCain, who visited Kiev as part of the U.S. delegation, along with Graham, also did not rule out strengthening of anti-Russian sanctions due to cyber attacks during the elections, in which the United States blamed Moscow.

“I am confident that Congress will approve new sanctions. Don’t know whether the sign of their [elected] President of the trump. But if two-thirds of us will vote for, they will become law,” said McCain.