The media learned of “serious measures” of China in relation to Taiwan because of trump

The Chinese military is alarmed about the likely support Taiwan elected President of the United States Donald trump and think “serious measures” designed to prevent the desire of the island to independence, Reuters reported, citing sources related to high-ranking officers.

Three of the interlocutor of the edition, in particular, said that the possibility of military exercises near Taiwan. Also considers some economic measures to “paralyze” the island.

According to Reuters, it is unclear if there were any solutions. However, sources said that the issue of Taiwan in recent weeks have occupied an important place among the topics discussed by the higher echelons of the people’s liberation army of China (officially called the armed forces of the country).

“If trump will deny the policy of “one China” after going to be President, so he crosses the red line,” — said the source Reuters close to the leadership of China.

The Chinese defense Ministry refused to comment on this information. On the question of possible aggressive actions of China the official representative of the Ministry of defense of Taiwan Chen Chung Shi said: “We are fully prepared and are considering the worst options, preparing for the best.”

In early December, trump held a telephone conversation with the leader of Taiwan Cai Inven. The Associated Press called it “extremely unusual”, since 1979, Washington has pursued a policy of “one China”, according to which the U.S. recognizes Beijing as the representative of China and refrains from informal ties with Taiwan. China after the conversation expressed diplomatic protest.

Us President-elect after it was subjected to criticism Beijing, December 11 suggested that the States are not required to follow the policy of “one China”. I fully understand the policy of “one China”, but I don’t understand why we should be bound by the policy of “one China”, as long as not reached agreement with China concerning other things, including trade,” — said trump.

17 December US President Barack Obama said that the attempt by trump to reconsider the policy of “one China” “beautiful,” but changes in the diplomatic perception of Washington’s Taiwan could lead to “significant consequences” in relations between the two countries.

At the same time, 23 December, Obama signed a bill spending on the military in 2017, part of which is designed to develop military cooperation with Taiwan. China expressed about this protest, stressing that “resolutely opposed to the fact that the US budget for 2017 involves issues of Taiwan.” “We are very unhappy with the signing of this document”, — said the Chinese foreign Ministry.