The representative of trump saw no evidence of Russian influence in elections

The future press Secretary elected President of the USA of Donald trump Sean Spicer said that the evidence that Russia in any way had an impact on presidential elections does not exist. He declared it on air of TV channel Fox News.

“Was or was not hacked [the computer system] is a completely different story. Mainstream media coverage of everything as if Russia had an impact on the election. However, no evidence that they [the Russians] really influenced elections does not exist,” said Spicer.

He also told about the FBI report and the Ministry of internal security of the United States, which refers to how connected the attacks of the Democratic party with the Russian government. However, according to Spicer, the report is more evidence that Democrats need to strengthen their cybersecurity, rather than proof of Russia’s influence on the election outcome.

On the eve Spicer expressed his doubt that US sanctions against Russia are a proportionate response. “I think one of the issues that we have now: why it took such a scale? I mean, look 35 people are sent, two objects are close, the question is a proportionate response to their actions?” said Spicer.

He noted that the response of the outgoing administration of President Barack Obama different from all “that was made [US] modern history”. So, in 2015, when the United States suspected Chinese hackers gaining access to systems planning and administrative management of the US administration (OPM), according to Spicer, “nothing happened.” “The question arises, whether it is diplomatic or political payback,” said Spicer.

Thursday, December 29, Washington has extended the anti-Russian sanctions, linking this step with the anticipated Moscow’s intervention in the American election campaign. In particular, non grata was declared 35 Russian diplomats and closed two of the Russian Embassy in the States of new York and Maryland.