Scarlett Johansson has become the most “profitable” actress 2016

Scarlett Johansson has become the most “profitable” actress 2016

Moscow. 29 Dec. American actress Scarlett Johansson has become the most “profitable” for film studios actress in 2016 movies with her participation has grossed over $1.2 billion, says Forbes magazine.

Mainly the success is due to her participation in the film about superheroes from the Marvel universe “the First avenger: the Confrontation” which has grossed $1.15 billion and is the highest grossing film of the year, and the filming of the movie-musical is the Coen brothers “hail Caesar”, charges which amounted to about $63 million.

Actors Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. also played in “the First avenger” is shared by the second and third place in the ranking, while other films with their participation in the past year did not go.

Next in the ranking followed by the actors involved in the superhero movie from a competing comic book Studio DC “suicide Squad” (world fees – $745 million) and “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice” ($873 million).

Margot Robbie ranked fourth; in addition to the role of Harley Quinn of “suicide Squad” on account Australian actress, shooting the movie “Tarzan. Legend” earned combination rental $357 million

American Amy Adams, box office receipts from the films with the participation which has reached $1.04 billion, is on the fifth line. Last year she played Superman’s sweetheart Lois lane, academic-linguist in a movie about aliens “Arrival” ($145 million), and also starred in the independent film of designer Tom Ford’s “Under the cover of night,” which hardly waits for the box office success, but who has already received a lot of positive reviews from critics.

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, who played, respectively, Batman and Superman, occupy sixth and seventh places. G. Cavill for the hit rating was enough for one role, whereas B. Affleck, the Director’s next films about the “Batman” also appeared in the movie “Payback”, earned combination in the world almost $150 million.

The unexpected success of the relatively low-budget superhero movie “Deadpool” ($58 million vs. $175 million in “suicide Squad” and $250 million from “the First avenger” and “Batman vs. Superman”), charges which amounted to $783 million raised at eighth canadian Ryan Reynolds.

The only one who was in the top 10 not because of the films about superheroes, became the Briton felicity Jones starred in spinoff space Saga “Rogue-one: Star wars. History.” His fees have already exceeded $615 million and he is still the most popular film in American cinema.

Tenth place was taken by will Smith, also failed at the box office drama “Ghostly beauty” in time last year to star in “suicide Squad” as the head of the squad, a mercenary Deadshot.