The head of the Philippines has announced plans to hold joint exercises with the Russian Navy

The official representative of the President of the Philippines Ernesto Abella during a briefing in Manila, said the head of state Rodrigo Duterte considers the visit of the two Russian warships as a sign of possible closer ties with the Russian Navy. In particular, we are talking about the possibility of holding joint exercises, reports Bloomberg.

Abella pointed out that Duterte January 6, intends to visit one of the Russian ships.

To conduct naval exercises Russia and the Philippines must sign the document. Abella did not say when can be achieved the corresponding agreement, emphasizing the principled position of Duterte refusal of permanent military bases on the territory of the Philippines.

On the eve of the Russian Ambassador to the Philippines games for Hove said that Moscow is not interested in military relations with Manila, but expects to put in this country weapons, specifies Bloomberg.

On the eve of the official Facebook of the Navy of the Philippines announced the arrival in Manila “goodwill gesture” anti-submarine ship “Admiral Tributs” and sea tanker “Boris Butoma”. Russian seafarers in the Philippines welcomed the heads of local naval forces.

The appearance of Russian warships in the Philippines occurred two months after the decision of Duterte seriously limit military cooperation with the United States. He did this at the suggestion of the Ministry of defence of the country.

Later Duterte suggested that the United States “to prepare to leave the Philippines” and it threatened to cancel the military agreement of 1998, in which the U.S. military can stay on the territory of the Philippines to conduct joint exercises.