Trump accused the media of trying to portray him as an enemy of intelligence

“Dishonest media like to write about that I’m with Julian Assange (Creator of Wikileaks). It’s a lie. I’m just saying the same thing that says he is. That people should strive to know the truth. Lying media portraying me as the enemy of intelligence. And I’m actually a big fan of hers,” wrote trump on his twitter.

On the eve of The Wall Street Journal reported that US President-elect allegedly is consulting with his advisers regarding a possible reform of the Office of the Director of National intelligence and the CIA. It was in particular about the cuts in the state, the Central intelligence Agency in the headquarters in Virginia and increase the number of people working outside of the United States.

The WSJ source claimed that trump allegedly considered special services are too politicized. The reason for this opinion were the statements of CIA officials that to win trump’s election was influenced by foreign hackers associated with the Russian authorities.

Trump himself has repeatedly pointed out that there is no reason to say that hackers attacked the website of the US Democratic party and mail former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton of a particular country.