Demobilized soldiers captured the second largest city in côte d’ivoire

Demobilized soldiers took control of the second largest city in côte d’ivoire — bouaké, according to Reuters. According to the Agency, about two o’clock local time in the Central square of the city, gunfire was heard.

According to local residents, shooting was arranged by demobilized soldiers. As told to a military source, the soldiers took the weapons that were in police stations, and took up positions at the entrance to the city.

“The city is under the control of (former) soldiers. Most of them are located in the southern and Northern entrances to the city. We are in a state of alert and await instructions”, — said the Agency interlocutor.

According to the military headquarters in Abidjan, bouaké had sent reinforcements.

“The city is empty. Men in balaclavas patrolled the streets on motorcycles and cars. On the inhabitants they’re not attacking. They told us to stay in their homes”, — told reporters living in Bouake teacher AMI Soro.

In addition, in the morning gunfire was heard in a military camp in the town of Daloa.

Employee of the military Department added that the soldiers have not yet made any demands. The war room believe that they expect thus to receive payments which, in the opinion of the soldiers, they should the state.