The media revealed details of a report on “Russian intervention” in U.S. elections

Secret report about the alleged Russian interference in the elections of the President of the United States includes voiced data, and data on cyber operations in foreign countries, since 2008. About it The Washington Post said sources familiar with the document that was presented to US President Barack Obama.

Intelligence agencies have prepared two reports: one classified, which was presented to Obama, the second “public”, it will be published later. From the information that you were able to us intelligence agencies that Russian officials “celebrated” the victory of the former Republican candidate Donald trump in the election. This information they were able to get after the publication of the results of voting due to the interception of communications, in which officials congratulate each other. WP writes that the Russian authorities estimates this as a geopolitical victory.

The WP sources emphasize that, although these reports are assessed as providing a strong preference victory trump, yet they cannot be considered as conclusive evidence of participation of the Russian intelligence services meddling in the US presidential election.

In addition, American intelligence agencies have established the Russian intermediaries who allegedly passed the stolen information of the democratic party USA to the WikiLeaks website. Those attempts, notes the edition, “part of what helped Donald Trump to the White house”.

“The Russians felt good after what took place on 8 November (then was held the election of the President of the United States. — ) and from what did,” the newspaper quoted a senior American official.

Special attention is paid to the order of “Russian interference” in the elections. According to U.S. officials, initially Moscow allegedly planned “to undermine the credibility of the elections, the United States” and “undermine the legitimacy of the hoped-for victory [former presidential candidate Hillary ]Clinton.” Over time, however, when trump became “more competitive”, Russia’s goals changed, became more “ambitious”, and the objective was “to persuade the hotly disputed presidential race to a candidate” whose views coincide with of Moscow’s foreign policy. At the same time, as writes the edition, a high-ranking Russian officials were expecting the victory of Clinton. The interlocutor of the edition emphasizes that the victory of the Republican in the election was as surprised as the rest of the world.

One of the officials interviewed by The Washington Post, believes that, in addition to cyber attacks, Russia has used social media and fake news to discredit the democratic candidate. Such actions, according to intelligence officials, could be due to “personal hostility [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to Clinton, whom he accused of inciting the protest movement in Moscow in 2011-2012”.

Another policy of the US, who familiarized himself with Obama the report said that “there are various evidence and factors that with high probability allow the intelligence community to judge” that Russia’s actions were aimed at helping Trump.

The newspaper notes that until now us officials have stated that details of the secret report will not cause a “bombshell”. The report consists of 50 pages will also be before the Tram, the Director of National intelligence James Clapper and CIA Director John Brennan.