The U.S. Congress gave final approval to trump’s victory in elections

The U.S. Congress on Friday finally approved the results of the vote of the electoral College, which showed the victory of Republican Donald trump victory in the presidential election of 2016, according to Reuters.

In accordance with the approved data, the trump won the presidential election with 304 electoral votes. His rival from the Democratic party, Hillary Clinton scored 227 votes.

Mike Pence formally endorsed as the next Vice President.

As noted by FoxNews channel, meeting in Congress on the confirmation of the election results, was marked by some dramatic moments.

So, a few congressional Democrats, tried to postpone the meeting, speaking against the election results on the basis of a number of factors, including the alleged Russian interference in the elections.

Every time the Chairman of the meeting Senator Joe Biden banged the gavel and interrupted them. “It’s over” – said in the end, Biden, then in the hall there was applause.