Trump has called for the prosecution of Russian cyber-attacks “witch hunt”

The US President-elect Donald trump said that “storm” of accusations of Russia’s attempts to influence U.S. elections is a “political witch hunt” waged by his opponents, disgruntled by his defeat in the elections. He told about it in interview to the newspaper The New York Times.

According to the newspaper, a telephone interview the President-elect made three hours before to see the secret part of the report of us intelligence, prepared by results of investigation of cyber attacks on the political organizations of the United States.

The publication notes that during the meeting, trump has repeatedly criticized too much attention paid to Russia.

“Recently China has hacked 20 million of government accounts. Why nobody says that?” — quoted by The New York Times President-elect.

In his opinion, taking into account all previous cases of successful attacks on the White house and Congress, it is unfair to pay such amount of attention to Russian institutions capable of conducting cyberspace operations. He also mentioned that it was not made public any evidence that Russia is responsible for hacking the National Committee of the Democratic party and correspondence of John Podestà, the head of electoral campaign of his rival for the Democratic nomination Hillary Clinton.

“Having said that, I don’t want other countries to have broken into our country. They broke into the White house. They broke into the Congress. We like the hacker capital of the world” — the newspaper quoted trump.

Earlier, the Ministry of homeland security and the national intelligence issued two versions of the report on the intervention “Russian hackers” in the US electoral process — public, intended for public inspection, and a “secret” which yesterday have already seen the incumbent President Barack Obama. The Director of National intelligence of the country, James clapper said that the document contained evidence of the intervention of Russia and “other countries” in the election process of the President.

James clapper, and the heads of the CIA and the FBI are expected to be present during the announcement of the secret part of the report, Donald Trump, said The New York Times. The U.S. Senate Committee on intelligence will hold a hearing of the report on Tuesday next week.

Earlier today, adviser to Donald trump and the former head of his election campaign, Kellyann Conway eliminated the benefit for Russia of the victory of the Republican in the elections because its goals contradict the long-term plans. She drew attention to the fact that during the election campaign trump has promised to increase production of oil and gas in the United States, modernize the nuclear Arsenal of the country, as well as increase the defense budget.

The political scandal surrounding the burglary of the democratic party, owned the computer and documents erupted in the summer of 2016. The first cyber attack was directed at servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party, then WikiLeaks has published letters and documents related to Hillary Clinton. The next attacks are the fundraising Committee of sponsoring candidates to the U.S. Congress from Democrats and campaign Manager, Clinton John Podesta.

Russia has repeatedly ruled out any involvement in these episodes.