Trump was surprised the publications in the media data from the report on cyber attacks Russia

The US President-elect Donald trump expressed surprise after publications in the American media of the “secret” report, which referred to alleged Russian interference in the presidential election.

In particular, he cites the example of the information that was received by the broadcaster NBC. According to her, the report contains data about the hacking of “Russian hackers” are not only servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party, but the White house, the joint chiefs of staff, the State Department and American corporations.

“Who gave the right NBC’s “exclusive access to top-secret report, which was presented to [President Barack] Obama? Who did it and why? Policy,” — wrote in his Twitter the head of state elected.

Trump also drew attention that “the national Committee of the Democratic party did not allow the FBI to examine computers after hacking allegedly carried out by Russian hackers.”

“Why do they believe in hacking, even if never called to check computer servers? What’s going on?” asked the billionaire.

NBC, citing us official also reported that some hacker attacks, Russia has conducted successfully, the other failed to prevent. Obama the report was given verbally, says the broadcaster. Intelligence agencies believe that the motive of Moscow was, in particular, the desire to disrupt the American “democratic process” of elections. Analysts from the intelligence agencies also came to the conclusion that libertucci was “retribution for questioning the Obama administration about the legitimacy of Vladimir Putin’s stay on a post of the President”, tells NBC.

Previously, data from the report published and other American media. The Washington Post, citing several officials wrote that the report contains data about cyber attacks since 2008. The sources have suggested that Russia allegedly planned “to undermine the credibility of the elections, the United States” and “undermine the legitimacy of the hoped-for victory [former presidential candidate Hillary] Clinton.” This, in their opinion, could be due to “personal hostility [Russian President Vladimir] Putin to Clinton, whom he accused of inciting demonstrations in Moscow in 2011-2012”. At the same time, sources indicated that senior Russian officials were expecting the victory of Clinton, not trump.

The data, which presumably are contained in a report also published by CNN. He’s citing officials reported that US intelligence failed to establish the Russian intermediaries who allegedly passed the stolen information of the democratic party USA to the WikiLeaks website last summer. Previously, people wrote to the newspaper the Washington Post, citing us officials. According to the newspaper, they were “one step away from government” of Russia.