The authorities of côte d’ivoire reached an agreement with the rioters soldiers

The delegation headed by the Minister of defence of côte d’ivoire Alinam-Richard Donwahi reached on Saturday an agreement with mutinous soldiers in order to stop the outbreak in the country two-day uprising, according to Reuters citing officials involved in the negotiations.

“We made a deal. This agreement completes a riot” — told reporters the Deputy prefect of bouaké, where the negotiations took place.

According to one of the participants in the uprising, the government has taken the demands of the rebels regarding bonuses and living conditions. He also added that under the deal, most of the soldiers back to the barracks Saturday evening. Some will patrol the streets to prevent looting.

“Some of our soldiers will remain on the ground to trace for the security of shops and banks, but most will return today in the barracks”, — quotes Agency the Sergeant Momodu of the cone.

The situation in Cote d’ivoire escalated on Friday, January 6. Soldiers captured the second largest city in the country — bouaké. They took weapons from police stations and took up positions at the entrance to the city. Local residents also reported the shooting of two other cities: Daloa and Korhogo. According to authorities, the soldiers demanded higher wages, payment of bonuses and reduce the time required to obtain higher ranks.

On 7 January there were reports of shooting on military bases in bouaké, the city of man and the largest city of the country — Abidjan.