“The Cabinet of billionaires:” who trump called to work in the White house

The tense environment

Monday profile committees of the us Congress will begin to consider proposed Donald trump candidacy for posts in his administration. First, January 9, will meet the Committee on banking, housing and urban development, to support or reject a candidate neurosurgeon Ben Carson to the post of Secretary of housing and urban development.

The most intense week day will be Wednesday. On January 11, is scheduled to review candidates for the posts of Secretary of state (candidate Rex Tillerson), the Minister of education (Betsy DeVos), Secretary of transportation (Elaine Chao), the Minister of national security (John Kelly).

Of the 21 vacancies in the government trump has not yet decided on the two candidates for the posts of secretaries (Ministers) — veterans Affairs and agriculture, indicates The Washington Post.

For approval to the post of the candidate must first support the relevant Committee of the Senate, and then support must be voted on by the Senate. A simple majority (51 of 100 senators). The Republicans in the upper chamber, the majority (52 Senator), so alone, the Democrats could not block the approval of the Cabinet. But the Democrats can drag out the approval process until March, according to The Washington Post, demanding the provision of all laid on the candidates information. Although, as the newspaper notes, in the past, the lack of the legally required information does not interfere with the approval.

The last time the Senate did not support the President’s proposed candidate in 1989.

White rich people

“Looking at the Cabinet, which is filled with billionaires that control the corporations, the titans of wall street and those who are deeply connected with the Washington corridors of power, it seems that many themes of his [trump’s] campaign quickly rejected,” he described the possible composition of the next government, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer. Party primaries of the Democrats, Bernie Sanders has also called the Cabinet of trump’s “the Cabinet of billionaires.” The government of trump could be the “most expensive” in U.S. history. Prior to that, “the most expensive” were considered the government of George W. Bush.

It is the richest possible party candidate for the post of Deputy Secretary for trade Todd Ricketts, whose fortune is estimated at $5.3 billion From his alleged boss, the Minister for trade of Wilbur Ross, a personal fortune of $2.5 billion, a Significant condition also have candidates for the Ministers of education Betsy DeVos ($5 billion) and administrators of management on Affairs of small business Linda McMahon ($1.6 billion).

Ricketts, co-owner of the baseball club Chicago Cubs, received a fortune from his father, who founded the brokerage firm Ameritrade. Betsy DeVos is married to Dick DeVos, whose family founded the marketing company Amway, her brother is Eric Prince the founder of private military company Blackwater (now called Academi) who participated in the Iraq campaign. McMahan, along with her husband Vince made a condition for the organization of competitions in wrestling and served as Chairman of Federation professional wrestling World Wrestling Entertainment.

The administration of the tramp also can become the most ethnically homogeneous in recent times. For the first time in 25 years, says a columnist for CNN, it has not been post for a candidate of Hispanic origin.

No and gender equality: of the 21 submitted yet candidates — four women, but to the post of Secretary nominated only two. In the current Obama government has four female Secretary.

“For business”

On the administration of trump in General we can say that it means “business” and look like the typical Republican office, writes Marketwatch. Candidates in administration is an already established business and work in the government they don’t want to then get the best in the private sector, they are also more used to make decisions, than to obey the orders, points to the advantages of team political analyst Darrell Delamaide.

Trump is not the President who opposes the globalists, lobbyists and special interest groups, its relationship to business and appointments to key positions suggests that in the near future the political and economic tone will ask corporate America, pointed out in a column for americanist Areg Galstyan. Put forward on a post of the Secretary of state of the former ExxonMobil CEO Tillerson, and on a post of the Minister of energy, Rick Perry (former Governor of Texas and an influential lobbyist for Chevron — the main competitor of Exxon), trump for the first time in American history was admitted to the White house two big oil lobbyists, the struggle between them will largely determine the energy and partially U.S. foreign policy in the next four years, says Galstyan.

Three members of the team, trump worked at the investment Bank Goldman Sachs. The candidate for the post of Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin started at the Bank his financial services career, he worked in it for 17 years, but was involved in a scandal with the pyramid Madoff, then retired from financiers to producers, becoming one of the founders of Dune Capital, which financed the production of such films as “American sniper” and “Mad Max”.

Goldman Sachs in the 1980s worked and Stephen Bannon, appointed as the chief Advisor to the President.

The Minister of trade trump chose was the oldest member of his team 79-year-old Wilbur Ross, who in the pre-election period was economic Advisor of the future President. He used his fortune earned on the bankruptcy, and was nicknamed the King of bankruptcy. Ross, as previously mentioned, many worked with Russia in U.S.-Russian investment Fund TUSRIF established by the US administration in 1995, with the help of the U.S. Agency for international development (USAID) to organize investments in the Russian economy. For 17 years the Fund has invested in Russian companies more than $1 billion, follows from the materials of the Fund.

Candidates trump in your asset have an outstanding career in the corporate sector, but in government this is not enough, disagree Professor, University of California John Michaels in a column for CNN.

In U.S. history there have been successful examples of how CEOs became prominent statesmen tycoon Andrew Mellon ten years had been ruled by the Treasury Department, and Charles Wilson (led by General Motors) and Robert McNamara (led by Ford Motor Company) led a Pentagon, reminiscent of Michaels.

However, modern businessmen and the government differ significantly from their predecessors, he points out, entrepreneurs are less concerned with the public interest and much less likely to collide with regular employees of their companies than did the business half a century ago, the role of government has also changed its mission — to operate transparently and accountable, providing equal opportunities and ensuring non-political nature of decisions.

Bannon, Mnookin and Ross worked in the electoral team of trump, McMahon has donated nearly $6 million on the campaign of the President, the DeVos family for decades a member of the Republican party establishment.

In addition to the active campaign members and supporters in the administration will get a place and a close friend of trump — brain surgeon Ben Carson. For the nomination to the post of Minister of housing and urban development, neurosurgeon Ben Carson could be influenced by the fact that the lion’s share of business trump is in control of this Ministry, so the Republican has chosen the most trusted and approximate ally, said Galstyan. Carson is the first in the world performed successful operation on division of Siamese twins occipital, for his medical services he received from President George W. Bush the medal of Freedom.

Hawks and conservatives

From the power unit while the trump was decided with the candidates for the post of Minister of defense and the Secretary of the Department of homeland security. On both the post expect the veterans of the marine corps James Mattis and John Kelly.

Both candidates cause the fewest number of questions from the opposition. Of Mattis, known by the nickname Mad dog, and appreciate the current Minister of defense Ashton Carter, and former U.S. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. The Mattis 66 years in the marine corps he served 41 years in 2013, he retired and began working at the Hoover Institute as a visiting fellow. He shared the approach trump for a tougher policy towards Iran.

To fulfill the promises trump the fight against illegal immigration should be the same age as the Mattis John Kelly. In the Marines, he enrolled in 1970 and graduated from the University of Massachusetts in 1976, he continued to serve, several times commanded the mission in Iraq, was assistant to the Ministers of defense Robert gates and Leon Panetta, also headed the southern command of the armed forces of the United States, in obedience to which was part of the Guantanamo prison. “That particular period was a surge of hunger strikes and forced feeding of prisoners (dangerous and inhumane practice)” criticized the human rights promoted by Amnesty International.

With the candidate for attorney General trump decided most quickly by offering to take him to his closest adviser during the campaign, Jeff Seshns. Sessions helped President-elect during the campaign to develop proposals to combat illegal immigration and advised whom to choose as the candidate in Vice-presidents (the Governor of Indiana Mike Pence).

Sessions are known as a solid conservative: in 2007, National Journal included him in the top five most conservative senators. Over the years sessions has repeatedly been forced to fend off accusations of racism and the support of the ku Klux Klan.