Rebels in côte d’ivoire surrounded the building with a government delegation

In côte d’ivoire protesting soldiers opened fire on an office building in the city of Bouake, where the defense Minister Alain-Richard of Donwahi, according to Reuters.

Along with Donwahi inside the building are also located the mayor, local officials and journalists. According to the correspondent of the Agency, a crowd of angry soldiers gathered near the building. Some of them shouted that they wanted to receive their bonuses immediately, not next week.

Shortly before the country’s President, Alassane Ouattara announced that he is willing to meet the demands of the rebels for the payment of bonuses and better conditions of life. The agreement with the authorities was also confirmed by one of the participants in the uprising. He told reporters that most of the soldiers go to barracks on Saturday night.

The aggravation of the situation in côte d’ivoire occurred on Friday, January 6. The soldiers, demanding higher wages, payment of bonuses and better conditions of life has captured the second largest city of bouaké. Local residents also reported the shooting of two other cities: Daloa and Korhogo.