The head of the Pentagon has declared a “serious threat” of North Korea for the United States

The head of the Pentagon Ashton Carter warned that the nuclear potential of North Korea represents “a serious threat” to the United States. He declared it in interview to TV channel NBC.

“They [The North Koreans. —] nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs constitute a serious threat to us. We try to be in front and we stay ahead with our missile defense in order to make sure that we have perfected, their number, their type. So we are confident that we can protect ourselves,” — said the head of American law enforcement agencies.

Carter stressed that the US defense Department is “to stay one step ahead of North Korea” and are ready to intercept Pyongyang’s rocket in case they “will be sent to our premises or our friends and allies.”

Responding to a question about U.S. policy toward Russia, Carter said that Washington should be cruel, but to keep all possibilities for cooperation.

“Our approach to Russia should be tough but balanced,” said Carter.

He also added that Russia is involved in hacking attacks during the American elections, calling Moscow’s actions “aggressive act against our [American. —] democracy”.

On the introduced by the administration of incumbent President Barack Obama’s restrictive measures against Russia, Carter said that the U.S. adopted sanctions “will likely mean the beginning, not the end, the floor, not the ceiling.” He added that the decision to keep or lift the sanctions remain for the incoming team of President-elect Donald trump and the future of the Congress, but stressed that retaliation “must be more”.