CB reported the first complaints of e-insurance

From 1 to 8 January 2017 the insurance company has concluded 16 978 contract CTP in electronic form. This is 15 times more than in the first week of January last year, when the agreements were concluded on a voluntary basis, reported in the Russian Union of motor insurers (RAMI). While the Central Bank has already started receiving complaints from customers related to the issuance of electronic policies, said the representative of the press service of the regulator.

According to amendments to the law on insurance, in force since last summer, from 1 January 2017 all insurance companies licensed for the relevant activities, are obliged to conclude contracts in electronic form on the whole territory of the Russian Federation. Previously, from July 2015, these contracts voluntarily.

From the beginning of 2017, the insurers participating in these contracts online, must ensure continuous and uninterrupted operation of its sites. Under current law, the total duration of interruption in the website of the insurer per day should not exceed 30 minutes. At carrying out of planned technical works, the company is required not less than a day in advance to notify on the home page, putting the date and time of their graduation. If you have any questions with buying e-policies, the Bank of Russia offers to policyholders direct access to the service on protection of the rights of financial services consumers and minority shareholders.

As told in the CB, during the first week of 2017, the Bank of Russia received complaints regarding the processing of electronic insurance policy and now there is the clarification, which part of them is related to technical difficulties or lack of understanding by consumers of the features of this service in electronic form.

In the PCA believe that the complaints may be associated with procedural difficulties when making e-policies. “PCA analyzed the character of the citizens at the conclusion of such contracts. Most of this is the difficulty of filling large number of fields,” explained the President of the Union Igor Yurgens. According to him, if you had all the necessary documents filled agent, or employee of the insurance company, in the case of processing the policy online you will have to do it yourself.

The Union reminded that the process of buying e-insurance policy requires registration by the customer on the company website personal account, filling in the application for concluding the agreement. After these procedures will be calculated premiums, and the policyholder will be able to pay for the conclusion of the contract on the website by using a credit card. Data validation specified in the application, is performed via automated information system (AIS) SAR. The policy will be sent to the policyholder via email.

According to Jurgens, now average per day is 2130 electronic contracts insurance. For part-time work January 9, was signed for 3 thousand contracts in electronic form. For comparison: in December 2016, the average day consisted of 1063 a contract CTP in electronic form. “In an average week in Russia is about 800 thousand contracts OSAGO. Based on these data, we can say that the share of online sales in the first week of January was 2%,” — said Jurgens.

All, according to PCA, since the launch of electronic sales “avtograzhdanki”, that is, from 1 July 2015, there were more than 400 thousand electronic contracts insurance, including in 2016 — 330 thousand While leading regions for the first eight days of 2017 became the Krasnodar territory, the Volgograd and the Rostov region, where during this period implemented a third of all e-policies. It is noteworthy that these are the regions that due to the high loss of CTP referred to as “toxic” and where in 2016 there were problems with the availability of paper of insurance policies.

The spokesman of the Union said that as of 9 January, the actual sales of e-policies recorded in 54 insurance companies (only a license for CTP insurers have 69. — ). In RSA said that “it is those companies that have actual sales, they are reflected in the statistics of the Union.”

At the first stage customer complaints may relate to or unavailability of the service. As reported in the insurance company ERGO, on 9 January there was a brief outage caused by upgrade version of the software. “Currently, the health restored. 1 to 9 Jan 44 was sold to electronic insurance policy”, — said the company.